Limburg Lights Up the Old Palace

GDA designed the new lighting scheme at The Old Palace, Hatfield House one of England’s most historic country houses. Andrew Gardiner says, “Our challenge was to update the lighting in the Old Palace without being intrusive,” he comments. “With their contemporary elegance the Limburg pendants and wall lights effortlessly achieve this aim and additionally, the 3000k Lumistrip adds a touch of occasion to the location.” The main luminaire is a Limburg L4964 pendant in aluminium and glass, which gives a good level of ambient light throughout the space. The pendants are supplemented by Limburg L2266 LED wall lights in polished chrome which uplight the historic gargoyles to stunning effect. The energy efficient Lumiance Lumistrip Pro is installed around the eaves and window ledges to highlight architectural details. Andrew Gardiner art directed the photo shoot by Redshift.

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