Festival of Britain 1951, originals!

2018-11-21T16:12:25+00:00June 13, 2018|

Came across these two original catalogues from the Festival of Britain 1951. One is for the Science Pavilion and the other the Festival Ship Campania. The Festival of Britain emblem - the Festival Star - was designed by Abram Games for the cover. Both catalogues belonged to my father, E. Charles Gardiner, a young exhibition designer at the time working on the Science [...]


2018-10-02T10:58:39+00:00June 9, 2018|

GDA designed the new brand identity for well+, a local startup lifestyle venue and cafe. We enjoy working with and supporting new ventures in getting on their feet. We worked with well+ on the production across print, signage, online and social media.

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