Brand identity and Logo design

Your brand starts with a well designed identity.

We create logos and symbols that form a brand and are coherent and work. We also get asked to refresh existing identities that have lost their way. Our style is typically typographic, clean and without unnecessary decoration. Simple straightforward symbols are most effective at communicating an organisation to the outside world.

A brand creates community and connection. It represents the perception of an organisation and how it goes about its business. It reflects your customer service and reputation. It encourages innovation and growth. It inspires and builds teams. It instills customer and staff loyalty and makes you stand out.

The logo is one of a number of important parts that form a brand, with everything from naming, icons and sonic branding (how a brand sounds), all play a crucial roll. A good name identifies people, products and services and stimulates and engages to the wider audience.

Brand naming is the process of coming up with and developing a name for a company, product or service. We work to identify the competition, research the arena where the brand competes and flesh out the message you are aiming to get across.

At its best a name resonates with consumers, is easy to memorise and communicates clearly, whether it be descriptive, suggestive, abstract or legacy in using a founders name. Once you have a great brand and name our Intellectual Property partners can advise with licensing, trademarks and patents.

Our production-ready artworks are accurate and ensure the investment in your brand assets work perfectly across stationery, print, and graphics, digital content, marketing and promotional material, packaging, uniforms, buildings, signage and vehicle liveries.

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How to prepare a Design Brief
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