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Interiors and workspace

The modern workplace is a bright flexible connected environment.

The workplace is fast changing and for the better. People are the most important asset and their health and general wellbeing is effected by the work environment. We create smart-working scalable spaces that encourage people to be less deskbound and static and do great work.

This often brings a culture change which can create some resistance, however the benefits are far-reaching. When implemented correctly it attracts and retains talent, encourages better collaboration, greater flexibility, improved productivity and social interaction and makes people feel good within themselves and about work.

A well-designed modern workspace makes good use of modular and bench desks, sit stand workstations, fully-adjustable ergonomic task chairs, breakout and soft seating areas, acoustic pods and meeting spaces with seamless connectivity.

We work closely with furniture designers, manufacturers and resellers to source, supply and install well-designed good quality contract furniture, storage and locker systems and accessories that work.

Within the open plan workspace we create divided space, focus-space, meeting rooms and quiet space where there’s the need. We design from ranges of precision-engineered glass and solid partition systems and specify various noise reduction solutions in environments where acoustic control is needed. The benefits of a demountable partition system are the speed and ease of installation when compared to traditional stud wall construction and flexibility if the space were to change use or be reconfigured in the future. To meet the Building Regs. we design and apply vinyl manifestations to the glazed surfaces.

Lighting is crucial to any environment. Our lighting designs and calculations ensure the space achieves the recommended lux levels, colour temperature and energy efficiency. Good lighting works with both ambient and artificial source and is proven to reduce symptoms such as eyestrain, migraine, headaches and fatigue, while increasing productivity and lessening workplace accidents and absenteeism. The mix of surface, suspended and linear luminaries, pendants, direct/indirect spotlights, emergency and desk task lights; they all form part of a lighting design. All our projects use the latest LED technology and control systems developed, tested and manufactured by market leaders.

We’re seeing more users, often driven by their tech-savvy colleagues, using ‘new work’ methods in migrating to Cloud computing and using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office 365 BusinessGoogle’s G Suite and Salesforce, and apps like Slack and WhatsApp, to better communicate and remote work. Cloud brings up-to-date tools and storage solutions to your users computer, phone or tablet wherever they are. Our IT partners help you integrate cloud working into your organisation and provide telephony VOIP, Intranet and data cabling infrastructure and support.

The design and planning process generally consists of a measured building survey, floor plans, detail drawings, lighting and services drawings, 3D renders and a written specification. A project may require a structural survey which we can do as part of our service. We recommend DSE Assessment for desks and workstations which clients should carry out as part of their HR responsibilities. Primarily we guide you through the process and provide the complete on-site service during the interior fit out and any works.

We’ve successfully worked on office, retail and mixed-use developments, restaurants and bars, television news studios, education institutions and healthcare centres, co-working and communal space, recreation and leisure facilities and visitor attractions.

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