Coal Drops Yard, N1C

November 3, 2018|

Got along to the Coal Drops Yard redevelopment at Kings Cross N1C. Designed by Heatherwick Studio the two 19th-century coal warehouses reach out and touch one another. Great new [...]

Remodelled 1930’s family home

October 30, 2018|

We were approached to remodel an outdated three bedroom 1930's semi-detached dwelling into a modern four bedroom family home with greatly extended internal ground floor space, offload parking [...]

The workplace is changing, fast

September 20, 2018|

Got along to a breakfast seminar today where the presentation and discussion was about the workplace and how the traditional static deskbound environment is fast changing. Only 13% [...]

Our new responsive website

September 11, 2018|

It’s here, our new 20 page responsive website. We’ve crafted and developed our brand to a theme on the excellent WordPress CMS platform to create the feel that [...]

Wine & drinks menu

September 8, 2018|

Here's the recent design and print of new Wine and Drinks menu for Terranova Italian. Six pages A4 4/0 and matt laminated both sides. Also uploaded to their [...]

Units of paper quantity

August 4, 2018|

We occasionally get asked about units of paper quantity; what is a ream of paper?, what is a short ream?... here's our simple guide to the industry standard [...]

Working with Farmers

July 15, 2018|

GDA designed and managed the print of a set of branded stickers for the vehicles and plant of the Law Farming group. The die-cut printed vinyl stickers have [...]


June 9, 2018|

GDA designed the new brand identity for well+, a local startup lifestyle venue and cafe. We enjoy working with and supporting new ventures in getting on their feet. [...]

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