Designers have long been using brainstorming sessions for best druming up initial ideas, concepts and themes for brand and product design, however, many companies and organisations are still not taking advantage of this greatest method for inspiring teams to bring new ideas and actions to their business – marketeers, sales, event organisers, researchers; they can all benefit from a healthy hard hitting session, so get to it and shake off those boring planning meetings! I would however recommend a few ground rules so as to stop it developing into a bun fight…

– Don’t criticise!
– One conversation at a time
– Go for quantity – the more ideas the better
– Have wild ideas – every idea is valid
– Stay focused on the problem in hand
– Be visual – draw ideas or represent them with whatever is to hand.

Resources needed are so basic and easy to find at short notice, so go get hold of those marker pens, sketch pad and a flipchart, provide everyone with refreshments and biscuits and get on with it… we’ll happily join in the sparing with you, or we’ll sit back and wait for your call to design & develop your inspired ideas and bring them to market!