Our website changes

Posted on Apr 8, 2018 in News

Since our current website went live in late 2013 we have made regular amends to meet current trends and improve the visitor experience. However the changes we have made most recently have been some of the biggest since the launch.

First off was to move our WordPress theme site from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS/SSL protocolGoogle announced a few years back that security was to be their top priority. HTTPS has since become a ranking signal in their search results and will help improve a sites SEO. If you are running an eCommerce website, then you absolutely need a SSL certificate specially if you are collecting payment information. We can help you with this transfer process.

Next up we changed the body font to Roboto. A neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface created by Google for screen and mobile devices. We also changed the headings to Oswald, a open source Google font designed by Vernon Adams.

We replaced some photos with fresher more relevant images and removed others altogether. We tidied up some of the navigation symbols, removing some that were seen as unnecessary and reducing clutter on the screen. Finally we changed the colours to rollover and slide text backgrounds.

We carry out routine maintenance and updates to clients WordPress sites – apart from necessary security, stability and bug fixes – your website content is what matters. Out-of-date content, typos, dead links and news streams where the most recent post was way in the past… symptoms of an unloved site, commonly leaving visitors frustrated and unlikely to return.