Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

2015-05-21T13:23:32+01:00May 21, 2015|

Just back from Clerkenwell Design Week 2015. Clerkenwell in London is home to many creatives and architects making it one of the most important design hubs in the world. The event, which is getting better year on year, is the showcase of workplace furniture, lighting, storage and finishes from the leading UK and international brands and companies.

Like this urban development

2014-01-21T12:03:31+01:00January 18, 2014|

Another shot of the impressive Kings Cross Square - those who know the area cannot help but be impressed by the improvements to the Kings Cross area in recent years - it's fast becoming the vibrant energetic urban hub to live, work and pass through...

Paved with Gold…

2013-12-21T09:27:54+01:00December 19, 2013|

Shad Thames, SE1 has been decorated for a photo shoot/marketing stunt for phone maker HTC.... Took team of ten only one hour to lay 2400 x 1220 sheets of gold plastic running well over 200 metres. Only down for a few hours, impressive.

A Fête at Bermondsey

2013-12-18T11:51:07+01:00December 18, 2013|

Graphics to the hoarding at the One Tower Bridge development, displays a large format reproduction of the A Fête at Bermondsey (attributed to Joris Hoefnagel). The painting has been part of the collection at Hatfield House since it was built and illustrates a crowded scene on the south bank of the Thames, with a view towards the river and the Tower of [...]

How much light do you need…

2013-10-16T19:57:37+01:00October 16, 2013|

We get asked by clients, developers and end users what level of light is required across different location and sectors... Ambient lighting levels vary depending on a specific application, however shown here are a few well known examples as a basic guide: Restaurant & Cafe Bars - 80 to 100 Lux Offices - 350 to 500 Lux Education - 350 to 500 [...]

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