We’re a multidisciplinary creative agency specialising in branding and the built environment.

Good design benefits people, commerce and the space we occupy. Our approach comes from a love of design and belief in the design process.

We create two and three-dimensional design that works across; branding, graphics, interiors, exhibitions and events, signage, print, and digital.

We work with all kinds of people; encourage creative thinking, open-mindedness, good communication and resource sharing and work collaboratively with highly skilled partners and specialists. We look to sustainability wherever we can and ensure the attention to detail and ability to deliver our work.

Gardiner Design Associates are the design partner in many sectors including; Agriculture, Apparel and Charities, Concrete & Aggregates, Education, Electronics and Environmental, Estate and Event Management, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality and Leisure, Information Technology, Marine Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Property Development, Retail, Telecoms, Television News and Visitor Attractions.

Our clients also include agencies, architects, developers, fundraisers, surveyors, land agents, and specialist contractors.

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Here’s what we do


Your brand starts with a well designed identity

Interiors & Workspace

Bright flexible connected environments

Exhibitions & Events

Getting you in front of your target audience


Visual graphics that get your message across


Smart letterheads, business cards and documents


Websites, SEO, Social media and 3D Visualisation

Signage & Wayfinding

We help you find your way there and back