Good design made accessible to all.

We’re passionate about what we do. Founded in 1985 the practice design brands and the built environment on large and small projects throughout the UK, Europe and internationally.

Our teams’ made up of talented strategists, marketers and copywriters, graphic artists, illustrators, 3D modellers and photographers, digital developers, architects and engineers. This collaboration strengthens our ability to remain competitive and flexible and encourages swagger, fresh-thinking, innovation and emotion.

When it comes to environmental targets, we’re always looking at more sustainable materials and the supply chain to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Whether engaged in a complete scheme or supplying an integral part of a larger project, we take our obligations seriously, aim to deliver to the highest standard and ensure you get your message across with the best results.

Think of us as your very own design and marketing department. Investing in a design partner is important to any organisation. Our open, honest approach ensures that the partnership works for you, the client, and us as designers.

Gardiner Design Associates are the design partner across many sectors such as; Agriculture, Apparel and Charities, Concrete & Aggregates, Education, Electronics and Environmental, Estate and Event Management, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality and Leisure, Information Technology, Marine Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Property Development, Retail, Telecoms, Television News and Visitor Attractions.

© Andrew Gardiner

Andrew Gardiner is focused, creative and has considerable experience as a project manager. He comes up with ideas, figures out how to make it happen, oversees the production process, provides guidance and maintains communication within the team and with the client.

He admires simple, honest objects and spaces that have been designed for a purpose and campaigns stylish aesthetics and functionality. His awareness of the bigger picture, an acute sense of proportion and eye for detail give confidence and reassurance to the design process and implementation.

Born in Islington, north London, Andrew comes from a creative background surrounded by mid-century modern art and design. He studied photography before joining T&G Display Studios in London. After a couple of years, he joined Johnson Matthey and for six years designed and project managed the groups’ global exhibitions and events. Andrew was an account director with Gardiner & Torne and became a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers (MCSD) in 1995.