Exhibitions and events

We’ll show you off in front of any audience.

Events are at our core. From the smallest widget or priceless artefact to 30-metre superyachts, we make your display engage and connect with live audiences.

We design and produce custom-build exhibition stands, shell scheme fit-outs and modular displays at public and trade shows across regional and international venues. We also create conference and stage sets, live events and museum and gallery displays.

Prompting visitor engagement is at the heart of any event. We achieve this through good spatial planning, impactful and informative graphics and interesting display. An exhibition will often include interactive displays and videowalls which stimulate an audience and allows them to be part of the experience.

Exhibiting at a trade show is as much about gathering visitor leads as it is about showing off. Crucial to your investment is the ability to effectively follow up enquiries after a show closes and convert into sales. We recommend you hire handheld bar-code readers or use smartphone app-based software to quickly collect accurate data from visitor’s badges – far better than trying to scribble down on paper forms or the back of a business card. Our designs draw in visitors; it’s your role to turn visitors into new customers and profitable orders.

The design process comprises of sketch concepts, 3D renders, construction and detail drawings. We hand-hold you through the planning stages and provide highly experienced on-site support for the buildup of your event.

We’re partnered with highly skilled and experienced stand contractors, riggers and fabricators, model makers, signwriters and graphics contractors, audiovisual, interactive and lighting specialists, furniture hire services and shipping agents. We also offer storage and overhaul of your stand or stageset between events.

We also provide a great selection of quality temporary structures, flags, pull-up banners, pop-up displays and modular displays, stylish apparel and promotional merchandise for your next show, exhibition or event.

Call us now on 01707 272 185 or email and start showing off.
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