Websites, SEO and marketing

Design and development.

We design and develop clean looking responsive websites with premium themes on the WordPress platform, the worlds most popular content management system.

The success of any website comprises key elements; design and structure, content, features, functionality, links and SEO. In our experience, WordPress is the most versatile digital platform with powerful tools and the freedom to build anything you need, whatever size an organisation.

Visitors now expect mobile-friendly when browsing. According to 2019 stats, 80% of users searched the internet using a mobile device. All our websites are responsive and resize seamlessly with the most used browsers on any Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet. Responsive design provides the best user experience, helps retain visitors and attracts referrals.

Visitors also expect secure websites. Having a website address that starts with https:// instils trust and credibility for visitors and improves Google ranking. Browsers will highlight websites without encryption as ‘Not Secure’ or with a unlocked padlock symbol. We recommend all websites have an SSL certificate to keep you and your visitors’ data safe and secure.

When it comes to eCommerce our team have the experience to develop fully integrated online stores using the excellent WooCommerce platform. From startup to high volume transaction business, eCommerce increases sales.

Support and Maintenance
Websites are ‘live animals’ and need looking after. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the backend of your site is up-to-date, secure and stable. With our updates and backup service, we check in every 3-4 months and carry out any updates to the sites platform, theme and plugins. We also run a database and file backup and store to one of our external hard drives so that in the event of problems with your hosting provider or getting hacked, there is an earlier version to revert too. We also advise on domain name registration and the best hosting package for the theme and your needs.

SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media.

Search engines are smart and becoming smarter. Google dominates search and needs to easily read and understand the core message of any written content.

Googles mindset is low-quality pages with thin content is dead weight and will not be indexed. These drag down a website instead of driving traffic. Crucially, any written content needs to be engaging, trusted, original and value-packed so that Google perceives your pages to be high-quality.

We read all written copy you supply and will offer to edit or rewrite where needed. Our team write high-quality readable content that is structured and findable so pages best relate to a visitors search intent. 

Visual search is increasingly important. Images and video make content more appealing and understood, entice people to click through and contribute to your sites SEO. We ensure any images are worthy of the subject matter with composition and post-editing all to best effect. We’re able to take photographs, video and drone footage for you where they are not suitable for use or do not exist.

Social media platforms and news articles are powerful tools of communication when used effectively. Creating, monitoring, listening and responding to your campaign and audience is what our teams do best. We generate convincing content across blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

3D Visualisation

For many projects, we create stunning 3D visuals and fly-through animations modelled on real-world lighting, furnishings, graphics, materials and finishes. Our team use rendering software to produce high-quality visuals, perfect for engaging colleagues and end-users with how a built-environment or event are envisaged.

3D renders
3D renders
3D renders

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Our team of VR & AR developers create immersive experiences where users interact within virtual space with products, services and ideas. Perfect for exhibitions, events and visitor attractions, and within the education and healthcare sectors and for employee training purposes.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
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