GDA brand red

Our brand started out in 1985 with a yellow identity which was perfect for the time. By the mid-90s we moved to a blue palette that successfully saw us through to the last major change in 2009 and Pantone Red 032 #EF3340. This was used to good effect across our traditional printed stationery, advertising, signage, website and the spread of social media platforms.

2019 is time for change. We’ve decided to stay with a red and went with the more vibrant Pantone Bright Red. It’s an orangy, sharper and more engaging hue and works better across all digital output #F93822.

We’ve pretty much dropped our full name, now using the simple stripped-down red square as our primary logo with it’s better application at small sizes for digital and favicons. Gill Sans typeface remains as part of our logo identity for the foreseeable future but is dropped from any body copy and replaced with Roboto, a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface designed by Christian Robertson and developed by Google.

A brand is an evolving marker of an organisation and how it functions. Staying fresh and noting current trends is important for any identity. Change does not necessarily mean a complete redesign, however, fine adjustments often stop a brand from becoming tired and left behind.