Planning your return to the workspace

COVID-19 has changed the way we work as we plan to return to the workspace. Things will be different with new protocols and ways of working in place.

Many organisations are reviewing their real estate; reorganising space or downsizing to be leaner, improve productivity and be more cost-effective. It’s expected that many colleagues will no longer need, or choose, the daily commute or be office-based five days a week. Working occasionally from home or a nearby co-working space has been proven to work, and can greatly improve peoples work-life balance, which in itself can help attract and retain talent.

We’re hearing from companies promoting less office space and staff commuting to reduce their carbon footprint and better their environmental and sustainability record. The crisis has shown by taking a ‘hybrid’ approach we can work faster and be more flexible. Times are changing.

We’re helping clients during this change by encouraging creative thinking – new ways to access, flow, work and engage within a building. This helps people to stay safe and bring wider benefits to everyone’s wellbeing. We draw up plans to indicate, using distancing guidelines, which workstations, meeting rooms or communal spaces can be occupied and by how many at any one time. This helps determine your building capacity. You may need to introduce shift patterns to limit the maximum number of people in a building at any one time.

You also need to look at access to communal facilities such as toilets, kitchens and breakout spaces. Marked out one-way systems help restrict contact, and access into buildings may require health screening for symptoms. Certain facilities may need to remain closed.

As for welfare and cleaning, there are big changes which will become the norm. You’ll be reviewing your practices and setting up sanitising stations – hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial spray, wipes, dry paper towels and waste bins that allow colleagues to self clean their keyboards, telephone handsets and surrounding surfaces. You’ll also be encouraging colleagues to keep their work area tidy and to pack away. This will help your cleaners carry out a more thorough cleaning regime.

Finally, communicating your message clearly across the workforce is vital. Display up-to-date and accurate information through your intranet, social media platforms, signage and graphics to ensure everyone understands procedures and their responsibility toward each other.

We’re supplying ranges of screens, wayfinding, signage and graphics options. These include suspended or desktop mounted 5mm perspex screens, floor graphics depicting 2-metre distancing, printed posters and leaflets and vinyl door and window manifestations. Screens help protect your staff while printed graphics guide your colleagues and visitors.

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