WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg

With Yoast and others now recommending moving to WordPress 5.0 and start using Gutenberg we are planning on updating all our client websites during the next round of maintenance we carry out.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and the recent rollout of WordPress 5.0 brings with it Gutenberg, a whole new content editing interface and lots of new features. Essentially, it’s WordPress’ move to stay the best CMS website builder. It came with mixed reviews and some negative coverage, mostly around the speed of the rollout and developers seemingly lack time for testing, however, it is now being seen as a change for the better.

We updated our own site only this week, having had reassurances from the developer that the theme we have designed our site on is ready to go! Once we carried out a backup the process was painless and included latest updates to the theme and plugins we use. If you are planning on doing any update on your own site, be it to WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg or your theme and plugins, remember to always backup and test, backup and test, backup and test… good luck