St. Etheldreda Church Roundel

2014-02-21T19:15:04+01:00November 27, 2013|

GDA managed the redrawing of the roundel for St. Etheldreda, Hatfield's Parish Church. We were first approached by the editor of their 'Refocused' Parish magazine asking if we could create a vector graphic roundel to be used on the magazine and across other printed material. The typeface used was ITC Friz Quadrata BT Bold circling the three crowns - "The "Gules, three [...]

Vector graphics, know your files…

2014-03-17T21:22:30+01:00October 29, 2013|

Have you seen your logo or symbol output to digital or litho print with jagged edges? - We often have the problem of being supplied with unusable origination (logos, illustrations, symbols etc) from others for design, editing and print output. Click on this easy guide to vector graphics 'what are vector graphics'. It explains why when you are supplying origination to designers or printers [...]

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