Remodelled 1930’s family home

2019-03-14T11:50:36+01:00October 30, 2018|

We were commissioned to remodel an outdated three bedroom 1930's semi-detached dwelling into a modern four bedroom family home with two storey side extension and greatly extended rear extension, offroad parking and hard landscaping. Our work included a land survey, building measurement survey of the existing property, Planning design, Local Authority planning application and the Construction drawings. The [...]

Interior of remodelled 1970’s office building

2019-02-11T15:18:25+01:00September 27, 2018|

Good to see the completion of York House, a 1970's office development remodelled with a Georgian facade as part of a Local Plan. We designed and specified the interior comprising of the entrance and common areas, lighting, washrooms, finishes and flooring. Our work included CAD drawings, photo-realistic 3D renders and scheduling the internal fit out and finishes. The [...]

Modern workplace design, on time on budget

2018-11-02T15:30:16+01:00January 31, 2016|

We have just completed the fit out and installation of the new Estate Office for Gascoyne Holdings. The project, which took seven months, included a building measurement survey and visits with client to furniture showrooms, as well as the design, planning and drawings for open plan offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchen/cafe and reception with central hub. GDA specified and procured the all the [...]


2014-05-21T15:41:32+01:00May 21, 2014|

Late evening detour to hotel through Berlin's impressive Hauptbahnhof. Opened in 2007 and designed by Hamburg architect GMP, the building has five cathedral like levels with rail tracks and multiple platforms running north-south and east-west. This ICE train was passing through at speed and the platforms and upper concourse did not have anyone in sight.

Berlin wall…

2014-05-21T15:38:36+01:00May 20, 2014|

Standing at the East Side Gallery section of Berlin wall. I had not been in over 30 years so was keen to see the changes that have come about from over time and the reunification, well worth it!

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